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aren't you scared?

well, that's just fine

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Name: hyuuuuuuju.
Age: older than TIME.

The dingoes ate your babies.

dir en grey, alicenine, the Smiths, kamerakino, the Sounds, the Buzzcocks, Sex Pistols, Beatles, Aqua, Toy-box, Spice Girls, Franz Ferdinand, Imperial Teen, Sufjan Stevens (i'll add more later)

sliding down stairs in a laundry basket, adventures, parties, glowsticks, clothes, halloween, art, fairies, cupcakes, strawberry things, pink, black, orange, setting pizza boxes on fire, 7-11 playboy, nail polish, stealing mandie's profile html, mall trips, hair dying.

fundamentalism, people who tell me to conform, sarcastic jackasses, rules in general, olives, food that is too salty, animal cruelty, blablablah basically everything.

»this whole profile. XD
»and anybody I forgot. or whatever manders said. :D ♥

The Princess Code
, *guitar solo*, 80's, abandoned buildings, alicenine, anime, anime conventions, avoiding mr. hermann, banananana, be-daaa!, being a pirate, being weird, big eyes, black eyeshadow, blackberries, caffeine, caffeine addiction, cammmeeeelllzzzzzz in egypt, chobits, dancing to happymusic, doo doo doo doooodooodo, drawing, dying my hair, eeting j00r brainz, fluffy jackets, frodo-bunny, glowsticks, guys with pink hair, hair dye, hairbrush karaoke, halloween, haunted houses, having fun, hyuju, i eet j00r brainz, ice bats, ignoring you, j-rock, japanese, lolz, m4d sk1llz, milk tea, mixed drinks, mp3s, neon jesus, o3o, old sony walkman imports, orangensaft, piercings, post-punk, pumpkins, punk, punk rock, raaaaaawr, rainbows, ramones, red hair, saa, safety pins, schafchen, sheepyyyy, shrimp farms, skeletons, sleeping in, slurpees, stars, strobe lights, the color black, the happy socks, the queeeen!, the snog queen!, toaster!, trick-or-treating, value world, vending machines, vintage tee's, violet from asoue, violins, wearing crazy clothes, where is my mind, wine cheese, yasai, your mom, zinda, , です です です です